Photography Or Videography – Which is Better?

Clearly, marriages are made in heaven and weddings are planned on earth. Planning a western wedding can be nerve-racking and even the most capable individual can forget to check on little but significant things. Once you’re done with routine stuff like your location, the cake and western music, don’t forget to hire a photographer or a videographer. After all, you don’t want your special day to pass without anything to remember it by. The only thing that’s worse than not having a wedding is having one with no pictures or videos to relive it in the time to come.

So, what do you go in for: photography or videography, for your western wedding? If this question is plaguing you, you might want to take a good look at your budget. Creating a video will definitely be a tad costlier as compared to merely taking pictures. But with videography, you can capture the spirit of a wedding ceremony. Weddings bring together family and friends like nothing else can. People let their hair down and in general just have a good time. Moreover, specific things like the exchange of vows and rings, the toast and other delightful incidents can be recorded and replayed at the touch of a button.

On the other hand, photography is less expensive and is one of the oldest ways to preserve memories. Of course, you’ll have to settle for stills and forgo capturing emotions and sentiments. But if you’re looking for convenience you can carry pictures around and can even make multiple copies to distribute. Looking at a picture is definitely less time-consuming as compared to watching an entire video. If you have the time, you may want to put your feet up and watch the wedding video with all its comic and emotional moments. But if you’re hard-pressed for time, even quickly scanning your snaps can bring back memories and trigger emotions. Besides with the internet, you can also scan, upload your pictures and circulate them among close companions. It’s doubtful whether your folks will be interested in downloading an entire video file from the internet.

The best part about videography though, is that you can edit all the parts that you’re not too thrilled about. Perhaps you want to leave out that boorish waiter who was captured yelling at the top of his voice. You may want to skip an inebriated uncle regaling his own honeymoon experience in not-so-decent language. Maybe you’re not too happy about a scene where you’re caught picking your nose. So you can do as you please and cut, cut, cut. You can also customize your video by filling empty and awkward spaces with music.

If you choose videography, you’ll have to be real careful to select someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. You don’t want a botched up job. Moreover, you’ll have to spend considerable time telling him exactly what you want. In contrast, if you’re using photography only, all you have to do is give basic instructions. This is assuming you’re working with a professional who’s adept at handling wedding ceremonies.

Ideally, a combination of both photography and videography works wonders if you want to retain blissful memories. But this may not be entirely viable especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. Choosing either of the two is not a bad idea if you know exactly what you want and how to get it.