Wedding Photography and Videography – A Quick Tip to Save Money on Your Wedding

Gone are the days of the extravagant wedding with the even crazier price tag. During tough economic times the quantity of couples getting married are not reduced, however the average costs of the wedding are. They throw out the over the top extras for their practical alternatives. However don’t fear, as there are a couple ways you can cut costs without cutting corners, and still have a wedding that you’ll remember forever without a debt to match.

One extremely simple solution is to find a videographer who can do both wedding photography and videography. It will usually cost you a lot less if you can find a company that can offer you both as a combined package. Wedding photography is typically much more expensive than videography services. In fact, most brides and grooms focus on finding their wedding videographer as one of the last things they do, although studies show that in later years the wedding video becomes the most important! Just think for second. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? When you have kids, you’ll understand. They’ll be glad you have that wedding day on camera so they can relive the memories as if they had been there.

So ask your wedding videographer if he/she offers discounts on a combined package for wedding photography and videography. Explain that you’re looking to save as much money as possible and you’ll be going with the videographer that can offer you the best deal, but still has a proven track record and a great looking portfolio. Let the wedding videographer sell you on why he/she is the best for the job. If they don’t know, that’s a bad sign and you need to move on. There are many talented professionals out there who have a tremendous passion for recording wedding videos, so don’t be shy.

Even if you can’t get a huge discount combining their wedding photography and videography services, you’ll at least be able to negotiate a little extra in the form of value-added services. Wedding photography and videography go hand in hand and if so the professionals may quite possibly throw in a free engagement video or add an extra member of their team to cover your event. After all, value-added services are indeed more bang for your buck. If your money is going farther in the form of more value, you’ve essentially just saved money! Who knows what you may get? You’ll never know until you ask. So get out there and ask your videographer if he/she specializes in wedding photography as well as a videography!

Read About Wedding Photography and Videography

Long after the last guest has left the reception you and your spouse will have your wedding photography or videography to look at when you want to re-live the joyous occasion – hopefully, that is! When it comes to planning your wedding photography or videography, the most important aspect is to have an idea of the wedding memories you want to capture. And then you’ve got to work on finding someone with the right experience and who has a personality you can work with.

This will require more than scanning the phone book or Internet to find the least expensive package deal. It’s true that you get what you pay for and if you’re willing to pay the minimum amount, you might just end up with minimum wedding photography/videography service.

Right from the beginning, realize that wedding photography and videography services will consume a significant portion of your wedding budget. Also know that it’s an absolute must to book this type of talent as soon as possible, at least 6 months to a full year before the wedding date, especially if you’re planning the wedding during the summer or holiday season. You’ve got to get a head start and although that offer from your Uncle Vinny to photography your wedding (for free!) as his gift to you sounds tempting, resist the offer. This is not the time for amateur shots.

It’s important to move at a fast pace, but never skip the background check. Checking references is a must but so is being allowed to view the prospective photographer’s images from a previous wedding assignment. Don’t rely on the quality of their portfolio which is usually a collection of the best pictures from multiple weddings. You want to view one whole wedding, from start to finish. Also check with the local Better Business Bureau as they’ll have on file any complaints made against the person or company.

A lengthy history of wedding photography (as opposed to other types of photography experience, or your Uncle’s free offer) is also a sign that the person knows what he or she is doing. Don’t assume that the person you’re interviewing brings back-up equipment and batteries – ask because equipment does fail.

When selecting the wedding ceremony and reception location, make sure the photographer has access to the shots you want to get. It’s also a good idea before the reception to delineate an area where the wedding photographer/videographer can be based; somewhere primarily for the storage/setup of necessary equipment and extra gear. Close to the music is always a good choice.

When selecting someone to coordinate your wedding photography and videography, take time to discuss the types of pictures you want taken and of whom. Know whether the person will develop the pictures and assemble them into the wedding album or if you’ll just be getting the negatives and CD. In the latter case, you’ll be the one assembling the album. That’s fine as long as it’s what you expect and know how to do.

As you can see, advance planning is crucial. On your wedding day, you want to enjoy yourself knowing that someone reliable is out there, capturing the memories that’ll last a lifetime!

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